Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are often subjected to many more types of accidents than drivers of other street vehicles. In almost every accident, a biker will be thrown from his or her bike or down on the pavement in some way. Injuries are typically severe for several reasons, including the open design of motorcycles and the size of the vehicles that collide with motorcycles.

Bikers are more vulnerable than drivers in other vehicles, but they deserve the same amount of respect on the road, if not more. Motorists, insurance companies and other liable parties will attempt to pin the blame on the biker:

  • "He was speeding and driving recklessly."
  • "I didn't see her. I didn't have time to react."
  • "Bikes are dangerous. She should have been driving more carefully."
  • "He was lane splitting." (It's important to note that lane splitting is usually legal in California.)

These are no excuse for negligence.

Additionally, road conditions that may have little effect on cars and trucks can be very dangerous for motorcycles. Public and private road maintenance entities must take measures to ensure that bikers are offered the same amount of safety on their roadways as all other drivers.

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Motorcycle Accidents Caused By Others' Negligence

We thoroughly investigate motorcycle accident cases. Some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Sudden lane changes (blind spot accidents)
  • Lane splitting (also involving lane changes and impeding a biker's path)
  • Rear-ending
  • Failure to yield
  • Running stop signs and stop lights
  • Left-hand turns
  • Dangerous road conditions
  • Distracted drivers (cellphones, texting and GPS)
  • Fatigued drivers
  • Crowding by cars or trucks
  • Defective motorcycle parts and helmets

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Case Spotlight

Motorcyclist Suffers Leg Amputation: Result Of Illegally Parked Bus Blocking View Of Motorist

Our 45-year-old client suffered a below-the-knee leg amputation after colliding with a car that pulled out of a shopping center driveway in his path. We established that an illegally parked county bus had blocked the motorist's view, preventing the driver from seeing the plaintiff motorcyclist for several seconds before the accident occurred.

The case with the motorist's insurance company was settled for the $100,000 policy limit before our law firm was retained. We pursued litigation with the bus company for economic damages resulting from the negligence of illegally parking the bus in front of a busy shopping center driveway.

The plaintiff's award was limited because he was able to return to his former job within nine months and he suffered from incurable cancer, thus limiting future damages. The plaintiff died within one year of settlement, but we were able to settle against the bus company for $750,000. There had been no settlement offer before, and it was one of the largest settlements in a California case involving an illegally parked vehicle.

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