$1,350,000 – Judgment in favor of Plaintiff whose doctor was negligent in failing to timely diagnose prostate cancer

In December 2000, Plaintiff presented to Dr. Smith, his primary care provider at Health Care Partners Medical Group, with complaints of prostate pain, symptoms and discomfort. From December 2000 through July 2002, during the nine visits he had with Dr. Smith, Plaintiff’s prostate symptoms worsened.

Although Plaintiff’s PSA test and physical examination appeared to be normal, Dr. Smith did refer Plaintiff to two different urologists. However, Plaintiff’s prostate cancer was not diagnosed until July 2002, nineteen months after he first presented to Dr. Smith with prostate symptoms.

Due to the delay in diagnosis and treatment, Plaintiff’s prostate cancer metastasized. Medical experts testified his life expectancy is only another three to five years.

Dr. Smith’s conduct fell below the standard of care as he failed to properly and timely diagnose and treat Plaintiff’s prostate cancer.

Because of the failure to properly and timely diagnose and treat Plaintiff’s prostate cancer, his life expectancy is shortened.

The Defendants never offered any money to settle the case.

Kelli Burritt was an associate at another law firm when she tried this case.

RESULT: $1,350,000 verdict for Plaintiff and his wife