$185,000 – Factory Worker Not Given Reasonable Accommodations and Harassed for his Disability

Winer, Burritt and Scott, LLP represented a man who experienced severe migraines and who alleged he was not being reasonably accommodated and was being harassed for this disability. The Plaintiff had suffered a head injury while at his job at a factory in southern California which led to a worker’s compensation claim. As a result of this head injury, Plaintiff starting experiencing severe migraines for which he needed accommodations. Plaintiff alleged that instead of receiving reasonable accommodations for this disability, some co-workers and supervisors taunted him for his condition, and the company did nothing to stop them despite repeated complaints. Through documents asked for and obtained in the discovery process, and by taking the depositions of key personnel, Winer, McKenna, & Burritt were able to show that the company was aware of complaints by the Plaintiff about the harassment and lack of accommodations, but instead of responding to them appropriately, they thought of him as a troublemaker.