$2,000,000 – Medical Malpractice Against A Woman Caused Her to Suffer a Catastrophic Stroke After Delivering Triplets

Plaintiff was a woman in her late 30’s whose doctor failed to properly diagnose her medical condition after she delivered triplets. Due to the failure to diagnose, she suffered a catastrophic stroke resulting in partial paralysis and brain damage. This case settled for the full insurance policy limits available.

Plaintiff was pregnant with triplets. She received treatment from Defendant DOE OB/GYN during her pregnancy, delivery and post-partum period. She had history of migraine headaches for many years earlier. Plaintiff was discharged from DOE hospital despite a nurse protesting the discharge to DOE doctor’s office. The Defendant Doctor denied receiving complaints and there were no notes in the hospital chart concerning this.

The day after discharge, Plaintiff’s husband became concerned about wife’s health because he had taken several high blood pressures from his wife who complained of headaches.

Plaintiff’s husband contacted DOE doctor’s office and relayed his wife’s complaints. The office staff told him to take her to hospital, however, DOE doctor told him not to go to the hospital. The Doctor and staff denied the call from plaintiff’s husband. No notes were in the chart regarding these calls.

Plaintiff visited DOE OB/GYN’s office on the following day as her incision site from the cesarean section was infected. At the appointment, Plaintiff and her husband once again talked to DOE OB/GYN about her blood pressure being elevated and the severity of her headaches. No entry of complaints was made in DOE doctor’s chart. DOE doctor denied the complaints were made to him.

The following day, Plaintiff had a hypertensive stroke.

DOE OB/GYN’s conduct fell below the standard of care as he failed to properly monitor, diagnose, and treat plaintiff’s post partum condition.

The case settled after hearing of motions in limine for DOE OB/GYN and his medical group’s combined insurance policy limits of $2,000,000.00.

Kelli Burritt was an associate at another law firm when this case was litigated. She performed extensive discovery and trial preparation on the case.

RESULT: $2,000,000 policy limits settlement