$2,490,000 – Three Women Sexually Harassed by Supervisors at Large Rental Company

This case involved three young, attractive women who were sexually harassed by their supervisors while working for a large company involved in renting products to consumers.

The women claimed that the company had a fraternity-like atmosphere where sexual jokes and innuendos were common.

In addition, one supervisor would direct sexual remarks at all three plaintiffs and touched one of the plaintiff’s buttocks on two occasions. The plaintiffs also alleged that the company discriminated against women generally, promoting less qualified men over more qualified women. Plaintiffs alleged that the company had notice of the sexual harassment and discrimination and failed to take proper corrective action.

The company defended itself by denying that any sexual harassment or discrimination occurred and denying that it had any notice of the misconduct. Further, it claimed that the plaintiffs did not suffer any significant injuries.

The plaintiffs retained the law offices of Winer, Burritt and Scott, LLP, to prosecute their case. After an intensive litigation, the case was scheduled for mediation.

The case settled after two days of mediation for a total of $2,590,000. Just as importantly, plaintiffs learned that many of the employees who were responsible for the sexual harassment and discrimination were fired as the company attempted to straighten out its problems.

RESULT: Plaintiff No. 1, $2,000,000 settlement; Plaintiff No. 2, $360,000 settlement; Plaintiff No. 3, $130,000 settlement