$495,000 – Man in His Late Fifties Suffers Severe Psychological Distress as a Result of the PG&E San Bruno Explosion

Plaintiff was sleeping in his upstairs bedroom when all the sudden he heard an explosion and the ceiling of his house began falling in. A large portion of the roof of his house fell right next to plaintiff in his bed. His house began to burn down and he needed to flee to save his life. Plaintiff did not suffer any physical injuries; however, he became depressed and anxious after the trauma and was not able to work for a period of time. PG&E admitted liability for the explosion but denied that plaintiff suffered a serious injury in the trauma. Winer, McKenna, & Burritt retained an expert witness who examined plaintiff and wrote a report indicating plaintiff suffered from severe, disabling psychological injuries.

RESULT: Settlement on behalf of plaintiff in the amount of $495,000.