$750,000 – Bad Faith Termination of Disability Insurance Benefits to Disabled Former Nurse

Plaintiff, a San Francisco resident, was employed as an operating room nurse for twenty years prior to the onset of bulging discs in her back that prevented her from twisting, bending, or lifting any objects greater than 15 pounds. To treat her constant back pain Plaintiff was required to take a variety of painkilling medications, all of which had serious side effects that kept her from being able to focus, remember details, or think on her feet.

Defendant insurers paid Plaintiff’s benefits for approximately two years and then cut her off, relying on extremely biased medical examinations performed by persons it hired to examine Plaintiff which concluded that Plaintiff was not disabled. Plaintiff thereafter filed suit against Defendant Insurer for bad faith termination of her disability benefits. While with another law firm, Winer, McKenna, Burritt & Tillis LLP, associate Jennifer Prusak successfully opposed Defendant Insurers’ summary judgment motion in the instant case, leading to the successful resolution of this case.

$750,000 settlement on behalf of Plaintiff