Testimonial from an attorney who has gone up against John Winer, Esq. in court.

I have known John Winer for the past eleven years, during which time we have litigated several major cases against one another.

Mr. Winer is very bright, aggressive, and in my experience has always been diligent and creative in his representation of his clients. He is not scared to take on big insurance companies and he spends the time and money on a case that it takes to win.

Litigation can be a very difficult experience for all involved, if the lawyers lose sight of the fact that it is sometimes in their client’s best interest to fight hard, but fairly. Although my cases against Mr. Winer have had the potential of turning into scorched earth, bloody litigation, Mr. Winer always recognizes that it is in the best interest of his client to minimize the inherent tension and emotional trauma that a litigation can bring to his client. He always seems to find a way to achieve the best financial and emotional result for his client while avoiding many of the downsides of litigation. He is able to accomplish excellent results by being smart enough to fight the fights worth fighting for, while avoiding the worthless battles that so many attorneys seem to feel the need to engage in.

It’s a pleasure handling a case against Mr. Winer, not because my client is going to get off easy, that never happens, but rather, because he is always professionally courteous, willing to consider the thoughts and opinions of opposing counsel and because his reputation precedes him, therefore, he does not need to engage in any chest pounding to convince the defense that he is a worthy opponent.

Joe Hoffman, Esq.

Larkspur Landing