Testimonial from an attorney who has gone up against John Winer, Esq. in court.

I have litigated a number of significant cases against Winer, Burritt & Tillis, LLP. From a defense lawyer’s perspective, learning that John Winer was going to be my opposing counsel meant knowing the case was going to be a tough one to win for me and my clients. Some of the most brutal cases that I’ve ever had to defend found John Winer on the other side. However, I can testify to the fact that Mr. Winer always litigated his cases knowledgeably fairly and with the highest level of personal integrity.

Mr. Winer is inventive, tenacious and passionate about his client’s claims. He knows how to build value in cases. If you don’t settle with him, he won’t hesitate to throw down the gloves and go to trial against you. He likes working in front of juries and he’s won more than his fair share of very generous verdicts. As a defense attorney, I’m glad there are not very many practitioners like John Winer.

Laurence Wilson, Esq.

San Francisco, California