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The California Workplace Religious Freedom Act of 2012 (WRFA) amended the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) and went into effect as of January 1, 2013. WRFA prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion or religious creed, and it requires employers to accommodate employees’ religious practices and observances in the workplace, including religious dress and grooming practices.

The WRFA is more protective than federal law. California law protects workers of nearly all belief structures as long as beliefs are “sincerely held” by the worker. Unless your religious belief or practice causes an “undue burden/hardship” or segregation from customers, it is likely protected under the FEHA.

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At Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP, our lawyers thoroughly understand the complexities of the FEHA and WRFA along with federal legal precedents. Religious-based discrimination claims often involve segregation because of religious dress and employers who do not allow accommodation to religious observances, practices and holidays. Our law firm is also prepared to investigate claims based on:

  • Hiring practices
  • Termination or layoffs
  • Discipline
  • Wages and compensation
  • Promotions
  • Job duties
  • Job training
  • Religious harassment

Our team of California religious discrimination attorneys has recovered more than $200 million on behalf of clients with injury and employment law claims throughout California.

Developing A Religious Discrimination Case And Pursuing Compensation

We have an arsenal of resources available to investigate your claim and hold a discriminatory employer accountable. If an employer has been notified of an employee’s need for religious accommodation, the employer must make a determination of reasonable accommodation through an individualized and fact-based process.

If you suspect this is not underway or that your employer neglects to take such action, contact our law firm right away.

We fully finance litigation and work decisively toward legal remedies:

  • We offer free initial consultations and attentive service.
  • We do not charge upfront fees.
  • We address your questions promptly.
  • We do not get paid unless we obtain a favorable settlement or verdict on your behalf.

We protect your rights and advocate for your maximum compensation in a discrimination claim, which may include back pay, increased job wages/compensation, reinstatement if you were terminated, emotional damages, punitive damages and attorney fees.

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