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John D. Winer and the cases of Winer, Burritt and Scott, LLP have been featured in many newspaper articles and TV and radio news shows. In addition, Mr. Winer has appeared on numerous local and national radio call-in and talk shows as well as television talk shows.

Further, cases that Mr. Winer has handled and Mr. Winer’s work have been featured in numerous nationally published books.

Many stories and articles involving Winer, Burritt and Scott, LLP can be found on the Internet.

Latest News:

WB&S represents a Bay Area man who is suing his former employer for turning a blind eye to pervasive workplace sexual harassment

WBS’s Kelli Burritt talked to about a new workplace sexual harassment lawsuit filed against State Appeals Court Justice

Fresno Diocese Rolls Out Survivor Compensation Program. Lawyers Claim It’s Because Of Proposed Law

John Winer Quoted in Boys Scouts Sexual Abuse Article

“CHP Officer Paralyzed At Fairfield Trampoline Park Proceeds With Lawsuit”  John Winer Quoted in CBS Bay Area

Dungey v SBCC news coverage in “The Channels” – Santa Barbara City College student-run online newspaper

WMBT attorney Rachael Sauer talked with the Santa Maria Sun about our client’s sexual harassment lawsuit against Santa Barbara City College.

Professor files for defamation in lawsuit

WMBT’s John Winer spoked with the Daily Journal regarding JAMS

WMBT sues Holiday Inn Express for Sexual Harassment and Wrongful Termination

John Winer mentioned in Daily Journal article: Outside Investigations of Harassment Have Pros and Cons

John Winer Quoted in ABC 10 Article: Speaking up About Sexual Harassment, Assault Risky for Women

John Winer Quoted in the Wall Street Journal:  “Harassment Complaints Mount, But Successful Suits Remain Elusive”

“The number of inquiries hitting California attorney John Winer’s office each week has risen sharply since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke.

Women who endured unwanted touching at work, gay men harassed by co-workers, and others who say they were terminated for reporting inappropriate behavior have all asked him to consider taking their cases. 

But because of hurdles in the laws meant to protect workers from harassment, many of the inbound calls won’t become lawsuits. “We’re getting a lot of cases we just can’t bring,” said Mr. Winer. To some potential clients who say they are finally ready to have their day in court, “I have to tell them their day is passed.”

John Winer Quoted in Los Angeles Daily News Article:Will harassment allegations against Mendoza, Bocanegra cost them re-election?”

John Winer quoted in Bustle Article: “How Is Sexual Harassment Defined? Here’s What You Need To Know”

Shawn Tillis, Associate, was recently featured in The Bar Association of San Francisco’s Fall 2017 San Francisco Attorney magazine. View Cover

Women say harassment just wouldn’t stop at Northern California winery…

Family of Hit-and-Run Victim Sues Sacramento, School District, Contractors

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