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Client Testimonials

Clients and colleagues of Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP have been kind enough to write in and provide testimonials about the qualities, qualifications and abilities of the firm and their staff and associates.

While many attorneys present testimonials from clients on their web sites, Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP feels that it is important that you hear what litigation “insiders” have to say about the firm as well as former clients. The results that the firm has received for clients are critical and therefore are included in the first section below; however, the opinions of expert witnesses, attorneys and retired judges should be considered since they have more of a basis to compare the performance of Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP to other attorneys and law firms. We encourage you to read all of the testimonials.

The results of the cases below were based on the facts of the particular case and results will differ if based on different facts. Please read the disclaimer below before viewing the information provided here.

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Testimonials From Former Clients

  • "She fought for me and she showed the facts" There’s no words to describe how grateful I am to Kelli Burritt. She wasn’t just a lawyer through out my case, she was a damn fighter. She didn’t just put her mind into my case she put her heart into it. My case was not a short one and she stuck by me and won this. There was multiple men as defense lawyers and then there was Kelli. She fought for me and she showed the facts because she knew me, she knew the case, she as INVOLVED in it with me. And she put them all to shame. The strangest thing is I didn’t know how to pursue a case… I felt like what happened was my fault, I was ashamed, I was at a loss… I would have never ever gotten to where I am today without her and I hope she remembers that every damn day. Thank you Kelli & John! Sincerely, you both know damn well it’s sincere! You’re so badass at what you do. - K.S.
  • "My experience with Winer, Burritt & Scott was absolutely amazing. Right off the back they made me feel completely comfortable, and everyone is so nice, extremely smart, mindful of others, caring, and honest." - Anonymous
  • "Winer, McKenna and Burritt is an excellent law firm in California's East Bay Area. Specializing in sexual harassment, personal injury and employment cases, I would recommend them to any of my closest friends or relatives. They have tons of resources and contacts at their finger tips, something other firms commonly lack. They are a great team of individuals that all play their part in organizing a plan to build solid cases deserving of maximum compensation. Their clients are always more than happy with the end results and I have only heard positive things about their practice. John Winer and Alexis McKenna are experienced trial attorneys with excellent reputations. This group of attorneys sympathizes with their clients and takes great care of their every need. From beginning to end, Winer, McKenna, Burritt foster a positive experience for their clients and make sure they include them in the entire process. Again, I would only recommend an experienced, reputable firm to my closest friends and family, and Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP is most definitely it! " - Anonymous
  • "Intelligent, proactive, informed and great staff, too. Knows what to do and when to do it. Can't ask for anything else." - Anonymous
  • "Their help was imperative to my receiving a equitable settlement. My thanks to the whole team...and Shawn Tillis who carried me through the process... Mahalo Herb" - Anonymous
  • "Winer and this team are highly professional litigation lawyers. Winer himself is a very accomplished attorney with many years of experience. He is well known throughout the legal community in California and has won many large settlements for his clients. Thanks to Winer and his team of associates i came away very happy with my results pertaining to my case and was able to move on with my life in a short amount of time. Winer is a results driven attorney and will fight to win for your case against large corporate or public entities. I highly recommend Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP!" - Anonymous
  • "Great attorneys, staff, professionalism, and know how. Choose this firm." - Anonymous
  • "Professional, Personable and Patient. A great group of Attorneys. My questions, emails and phone calls were answered in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Alexis or John (the attorneys I worked with.)" - Anonymous
  • "I would like to take this opportunity to thank Elena Jacob (Winer, Burritt & Tillis) for all your hard work and your staff for exceptional representation with regard to my case. Elena were dependable. She always answered any questions I needed answered concerning my case. I was particularly impressed with Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP knowledge of the process and their straightforward advice. If you need representation and want the best. I highly recommend Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP." - Anonymous
  • "Kelli was wonderful! She was always available if I had questions (she still answers even now that the case is over). She made me feel comfortable during such stressful moments in the case, & most importantly everyone I worked with at the firm was honest, and ethical! They exceeded my expectations and I'm truly grateful for all their hard work!! Thank you so much Kelli!" - Anonymous
  • "The support and empowerment I received from this law firm truly changed the course of my life. They have everything you need and are strong and knowledgeable while also being sincere and caring. I can not recommend them enough. When you are faced with difficult times in your life and need a team to fight for you and your rights these are the professionals for you. John Winer did a fantastic job for my wife and I. Not only is he an expert on therapist abuse, he continually demonstrated how much he cared about us and what happened to us. We would definitely recommend him." - Anonymous
  • "Fantastic team! Could not be happier with the professionalism and hard work on my case. From the moment I phoned the office until my case was resolved, they were 100% on it. John Winer was my attorney and I couldn't be more pleased." - Anonymous
  • "Thank you. Erica Scott and John Winer really made a difficult time and situation easier to handle and were supportive the whole time while also maintaining their professionalism and fighting hard for me. Thank you more than you guys will never know :)" - Anonymous
  • "Extremely competent and professional! Best in the Bay Area. Highly recommended." - Anonymous
  • "I felt like my lawyer. especially did the best for me she really tried to help me she tried to comfort me when I was sad hurt I felt she was really going to fight for me and Do what's Right when I was Miss treated at my company for so many years she made the company do the right thing by me and I am ever so grateful for that thank you Kelly God bless thank you Lord for helping us" - Anonymous
  • "This firm was compassionate, calming and the fiercest advocate around to hold negligent therapists accountable for the harm they caused me. John Winer and I spoke for 3-4 hours before he offered to represent me. He listened, shared disbelief in hearing the circumstances and thoughtfully explained the strategy he would embark on and the value of the case. His partner Shawn Tillis took the litigation lead. Shawn is a silent giant. I had no idea what to expect and found a friend and advocate who understood the heinous acts foisted on me by unethical professionals and held them accountable resulting in a favorable conclusion while the two licensing agencies for the bad actors meted out the harshest disciplinary action one could. It gave me closure not otherwise attainable. I would only recommend this firm for therapist abuse." - Anonymous
  • "I was extremely happy with Winer and Burritt & Tillis's services. John, Ericka, and Melanie were very professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. They represented me and we had very good results. Whether you had to deal with Personal Injury, Employment Law, abuse, or sexual harassment, do not hesitate in contacting them. I highly recommend them!" - Anonymous
  • "My experience with Winer, Burritt, & Tillie law firm was absolutely amazing. Right off the back they made me feel completely comfortable, and everyone is so nice, extremely smart, mindful of others, caring, and honest. Always kept me updated with my case. They are really fighting for you...everyone case is different, I know. But if you want the best on your side, this firm should be your only choice. I was absolutely satisfied, and I would definitely recommend them to any and everyone that need help and want excellent representation! I can’t thank them enough, The gratitude I want to show to the whole team" - Anonymous
  • "The support staff is exceptionally professional. They were responsive to requests for information including a statement of accounts. They were transparent about the rates and fees and had integrity throughout the process of working through my case. My lawyer, who I understand is no longer there, was an advocate for me in that she endeavored to minimize expenses (such as travel). I felt she was forthright about process and potential outcomes" - Anonymous
  • "Testimonial from a client who was involved in a car accident. My experience as a client to Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP has been a very pleasant, hopeful, and fair one. About three years ago I was driving home from work in my brand new car when my car stopped accelerating on the highway almost during the peak of traffic times. I pulled over to call for some help while black smoke appeared to be spilling out of the hood of my car and gasoline fumes filled the inside of my vehicle. I was stuck inside my vehicle for what seemed like hours breathing in the toxic fumes completely oblivious to the fact that I was sitting in a car on fire. I was finally helped out of the vehicle by an undercover officer who pulled over to assist me. I could have died this day stuck inside my burning vehicle due to a malfunction and defect in the 4-month-old car that I bought zero miles off the lot." - B.H.
  • "Testimonial from a client who had a great experience with the firm. I felt extremely comfortable working with this firm. Everyone who worked with me made me feel safe. Feeling safe, I knew I was in good hands." - Anonymous
  • "Testimonial from a client who was involved in a motorcycle accident. One day, I was riding my motorcycle down a rural road in Oakland. The next thing I knew, a car pulled in front of me, and even though I was not speeding, I was not able to stop in time to avoid an accident. As a result of the accident I broke my leg and it just would not heal. The case was originally handled by another law firm, but when it became clear that my injury was serious, my original lawyers knew to refer the case to Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP, who specialize in serious personal injury cases." - Tom Greathouse
  • "Testimonial from a director of the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association who retained John Winer to represent her in a serious personal injury case. I am the former executive director of the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association. The San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association is the largest and most respected trial lawyer organization in the Bay Area. During my seven-year tenure as Executive Director of SFTLA I had frequent contact with our approximately 700 members and 35 Board members. Our membership contained the very best plaintiff trial lawyers in San Francisco and the Bay Area." - Diane Rito
  • "Testimonial from a client involved in a medical malpractice/assault case. There are two things one should always have in reserve. One is a good doctor; the other is a good attorney. I married the good doctor, but until I became involved in a complicated malpractice/assault case against a plastic surgeon several years ago, I did not realize the importance of having a skillful lawyer to help me reach a fair and equitable settlement." - Gretchen Haskin
  • "Testimonial from the parent of a 10 year old child who suffered serious injury in a medical malpractice incident. Our ten year old son, Timmy, nearly died during a routine heart surgery several years ago. As a result of a bad surgeon, Timmy lost the blood supply to most of the muscles and tissues on his leg. As a result he can not run and play with the other kids and will not be able to work as a manual laborer when he grows up. Timmy can barely walk a block because of his pain and weakness. After the surgery we suspected that there had been malpractice, but four different law firms refused to take on the big public institution who we believed had committed medical negligence. After being turned down a fourth time, we finally asked the lawyer who is in Los Angeles, “Who handles the really tough cases in the state?” He told us that Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP has a state wide reputation for taking on seriously injured plaintiffs against large corporations, including doctors and hospitals and obtaining exceptional results for their clients." - P. Guillian
  • "Testimonial from a client who was the target of sexual harassment at work. I used to work for a large corporation, but was forced to quit due to a sexual harassment by my supervisors. I was working and living in Southern California at the time and wanted to find a local lawyer. However, when I asked a specialist, “who was the best attorney in the state of California for a case like mine,” I was told that it would be worth the trip to San Francisco to see if John Winer would handle my case." - Kristi Bain
  • "Testimonial from a former client who was seriously injured at 8 years of age. “When I was eight years old, I was crossing the road in a cross walk to get to my school when a motor vehicle failed to see me and ran into me, throwing me 30 or 40 feet in the air. I landed on my head and my back. People told me that I was unconscious for a period of time." - Grover “Rocky” Reece
  • "Testimonial from a very impressed and thankful client I want to thank everyone that helped settle my case. I appreciate everyone’s thoroughness in providing the best advice in such a timely manner. More than that, I sincerely appreciate the emotional support and honesty." - G.P.
  • "Testimonial from a client who retained our services after reading our testimonials! I had a sexual harassment incident at work and after some time, I decided to get an attorney. I chose Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP because I read testimonials online and thought they were the best fit. I felt very welcomed when I called for the first time and all my communication after was always pleasant." - VL
  • "Testimonial from a client who was sexually harassed at work I spent nearly six years of my life working hard for a company. After being sexually harassed and treated very badly, I ultimately made the decision to fight for my rights and consult an attorney. With that decision in mind, I began my search for representation and found an office in Los Angeles…" - J.A.
  • "Testimonial from a client who was abused by her therapist. Being betrayed in therapy is a devastation the totality of which I am still coming to terms with. I was left lost; a puppet with no master.I had no power, but I was too numb to even want to have power. In trying to understand the symptoms of my subsequent PTSD, an online search turned up a link to Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP; a law firm that works with cases like mine. I emailed the firm without real hope that I was going to get a response My therapist had placed the blame on me. Why would a lawyer want my case?" - Eva
  • "Testimonial from a client involved in a corporate employment case. “I have known John Winer since he began his practice in San Francisco over 20 years ago. During that time I have watched him receive record verdicts and settlements in cases. Frequently I read about these verdicts in the newspapers or watched a special report on one of John Winer’s cases on TV. John Winer has a knack of taking on high profile cases and achieving exceptional results." - Don Galine, Esq.
  • "Testimonial from a client involved in a serious personal injury incident. A number of years ago I found myself in need of a top notch personal injury lawyer. As a professional myself, I knew how critical it was to retain another professional who was well respected by his colleagues, and practiced in a highly ethical and thoughtful manner. At the same time I wanted to find an attorney who would believe in me and my case and aggressively fight for what was right and against what was wrong." - Jane Doe, * M.S.W.
  • "Testimonial from a client involved in a whistleblower case I found Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP on line when I was looking for an attorney for my whistleblower/retaliation employment case. I first met with John Winer and then worked with Alexis McKenna. I felt like they fought for me to get a very fair settlement. I was very happy with the end result." - Anonymous
  • "Testimonial from a client who was wrongfully terminated from her job Initially, I was apprehensive about having a viable case. I was not sure I could even get representation. After talking with Alexis and John, they made me feel very confident that my rights had been violated and that I had a valid complaint. They used loaded guns and said, “We are going to fight this.” There were so many proceedings that we kept winning, one after another." - Anonymous
  • "Testimonial from a client who was sexually harassed at work I realized I needed an attorney when I was sexually harassed at work. I chose Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP because I really liked the staff, who made me feel comfortable when I first called." - KJ
  • "Testimonial from a client who recommends our firm I found Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP on-line when I realized I needed an attorney. They were great. They made the experience easier than what it was." - Anonymous
  • "Testimonial from a happy client John Winer and his firm helped me enormously! I’m so pleased to have the support and kindness that they provide." - Former Client
  • "Testimonial from a former attorney/client The highest compliment I can pay John Winer is that he’s a “lawyer’s lawyer.”" - Suzanne Eisenhut, Esq.
  • "Testimonial from an appreciative client John Winer and his firm helped me enormously! I’m so pleased to have the support and kindness that they provide." - Amanda K.
  • "Testimonial from a delighted client Kelli Burrritt was definitely friendly, caring and speedy in everything she needed to do. She was amazing. She explained everything step-by-step and was very comforting when I cried a few times." - Dominique
  • "Testimonial from a satisfied client My attorneys were extremely supportive, and also very aggressive – in a good way – to get my settlement." - J.M. – Fontana
  • "Testimonial from a former client who recommends our firm This was my first experience ever with a law firm. They were just great overall. They were really efficient at getting things done that we needed, kept us posted and were really professional, nice and caring." - Anonymous
  • "Testimonial from a very appreciative former client I wanted to take time to let you know that my past case with WMB&S was something I had never experienced. I was grateful to have this team to represent me. Every step of the way, the team showed how great they work together with each other and with me (client)." - Anonymous
  • "Testimonial from a happy former client The lawyers at Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP, were effective and professional and above all, organized. I was happy with the result." - Anonymous
  • "Testimonial from a former client who was very pleased with the outcome of her case Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP are thorough, attentive and dedicated. I was very happy with the end result." - Anonymous
  • "Testimonial from a very impressed client John Winer did his job on my case thoroughly. He is a good communicator and was respectful of me when I met with him." - Anonymous
  • "Testimonial from a grateful client I did not realize I needed to talk to an attorney until my mother convinced me to. I wasn’t sure I could afford an attorney and I wasn’t sure how it worked. My mother found Kelli on line for me." - Anonymous
  • "Testimonial from a former client who had an excellent experience The attorneys who worked on my case were personable, dependable and organized, and their best attribute is their diligence." - Anonymous
  • "Testimonial from a client who had a great experience The experience was great. It was an easygoing experience. I had never been in any type of litigation in my life before. Of course, initially I was very nervous and did not know what to do, where my case was headed and what would come out of it." - Former Client
  • "Fantastic!" Fantastic support, listening and guidance on what to do. Thank you! - Justin Ricks
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