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San Francisco Workplace Discrimination Attorney

Dedicated Employment Discrimination Attorneys Serving Clients in San Francisco

San Francisco Workplace Discrimination AttorneyEmployees possess rights protected by both state and federal legislation. Regrettably, employers frequently infringe upon these rights, causing substantial economic and non-economic repercussions for employees. If you’ve ever faced a situation where your rights were violated, navigating the resolution independently can be challenging. Our seasoned attorneys are ready to assist you in addressing issues such as workplace discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and retaliation. To arrange a complimentary case evaluation with one of our team members, please reach out to our San Francisco employment discrimination attorney at (415) 212-4932 or contact us online.

What defines workplace discrimination?

Creating a workplace without discrimination is essential, and there are many laws at both the federal and state levels designed to protect employees from unfair treatment.
Let us examine the forms of discrimination that could be noticed in any workplace:

Racial Discrimination: State and federal laws recognize employment discrimination on the basis of race as being illegal. Such actions may include outright racist statements and negative employment acts like discrimination in hiring, passing promotions, unequal pay, or termination due to race.

Disability Discrimination: The law shields individuals who are, or seem to be, disabled from unfair treatment or employment decisions based on their disability. It also requires workplaces to provide reasonable adjustments or support to help employees with disabilities do their jobs successfully.

Age Discrimination: Employees who are over 40 have some very important protections from age-based decisions and harassment. Many employers are tempted to replace older employees with younger ones who do not make such high demands benefiting from lower salaries, but the law provides robust protection for older employees.

Religious Discrimination: Religious discrimination is also not allowed. Employers should provide practical accommodations for religious practices, including dress code exceptions and flexible prayer schedules.

Sex Discrimination: Sex discrimination violates both California and federal laws and includes unequal pay, adverse actions due to pregnancy, refusal to hire or promote based on sex and other actions. The issue to be noted is that these protections are also for men.

Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity: The California law clearly prohibits discrimination in these aspects, emphasizing the inclusivity and equal treatment of all.

Spotting discrimination can be difficult because employers seldom acknowledge the unconscious biases that drive their discriminatory actions. Instead, they might justify negative decisions with misleading explanations. It’s crucial for employees to know their rights, and for the organization to foster an environment that values diversity and inclusion at work.

Unfair treatment and discrimination at the workplace – what is the difference?

The main difference between unfair treatment and workplace discrimination is that discrimination at work is illegal. The federal and state laws set out that employers shall not use protected characteristics in making employment decisions – like who to hire, fire, or promote. There is no cause of action based on unfair treatment as annoying as it may be. That is, you might be bypassed for the promotion because your boss has just hired his or her best friend. You may have been working hard to get the position, and you are entitled to the job, but office politics and favoritism are not illegal.

How Our San Francisco Workplace Discrimination Lawyers Take Action

Whether you’re currently employed, a former employee, or actively seeking employment, you may have grounds to pursue legal action against an employer engaging in discriminatory practices. Our legal team has successfully handled cases involving various forms of discrimination, including:

Disparate Treatment: When an employer unfairly treats an employee less favorably than others based on prohibited discrimination factors.
Retaliation: Employees alleging unjust treatment for opposing discriminatory practices by the employer.
Disparate Impact: Employees claiming adverse effects on a protected class due to an employer’s employment practices.
Systematic Disparate Treatment: Demonstrating class-wide, statistical differences between protected class members and a similarly qualified majority group.

Workplace Discrimination Lawyer in San FranciscoProving pretext can be challenging, but our seasoned attorneys are adept at gathering evidence to reveal when an employer’s actions were based on impermissible reasons. If you suspect that you’ve been a victim of employment discrimination and false justifications were used, consult with an attorney promptly to assess the facts of your case.

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Employees possess substantial rights according to both state and federal laws. Unfortunately, these rights are frequently infringed upon by employers who neglect to afford the necessary protections for their employees. With over 60 years of combined experience, Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP has successfully recovered over $200 million on behalf of our clients. Our proven track record and legal expertise provide our clients with confidence that we will secure the most favorable resolution for their employment cases within the bounds of the law. We are dedicated to safeguarding employees’ rights and ensuring accountability for employers who fall short of meeting their legal obligations.

For a complimentary case evaluation with a San Francisco employment discrimination lawyer, contact our office today at (415) 212-4932 or reach out via our online contact form.

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