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Alcohol related car accidents happen far too often

It is common knowledge that drinking alcohol and then getting behind the wheel of a car is not a good idea. Someone could be injured or even killed due to the driver's impairment. California has seen far too many car accidents as a result of drinking and driving. Recently, yet another car accident occurred, and the authorities believe that alcohol could have been a contributing factor.

Highway Patrol officers report that two vehicles were involved in a front-end crash. Fuel from one of the cars began to leak out, causing a fire. Additionally, one of the individuals was trapped in a car and had to be removed from the vehicle. Three individuals were taken the local hospital. One suffered a serious injury while the other two were hurt less severely.

Exact details regarding what happened have yet to be determined. The accident is still under investigation, although authorities have stated that they believe alcohol to be a contributing factor. At this time, it is unknown if blood alcohol testing was used in reaching this opinion.

Additionally, it is not known if traffic related charges will be brought against the driver. Regardless, three individuals were injured in this accident. Those who were not at fault are most likely faced with medical expenses and possibly even loss of income in addition to their pain and suffering as a result of someone else's actions. In an effort to receive compensation for these losses, these individuals may decide to file a personal injury civil suit against the driver in California's civil courts. Car accidents such as this one can have lasting financial and emotional effects on those involved.

Source:, "Head on collision on I-5 and SR 119 closes down soccer park and stops traffic", Nela Lichtscheidl and Tarik Dugas, May 25, 2014

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