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Bill would help police test for drugged driving

Driving under the influence of marijuana or other drugs can be very dangerous and increase the chances of getting into a car accident. A California lawmaker is trying to address the serious safety hazard by proposing a bill that would give law enforcement the ability to use a drug breathalyzer on drivers suspected of drugged driving. 

The drug breathalyzer device would be similar to current breathalyzers used by police officers to detect drunk driving. The drug breathalyzer devices would be able to detect the use of marijuana one a person up to three hours after use. It would also be able to detect other drugs like methamphetamine and cocaine. 

The bill was proposed to crack down on drugged driving, which can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. Supporters of the bill say this would help law enforcement officials actually have a device to test for drugs in a driver's system instead of just relying on the police officer's opinion or waiting for a blood test. 

Despite the support, opponents of the bill say it may harm individuals who use medical marijuana and keep them from driving out of fear of getting pulled over and tested. Many opponents say the bill would create a "zero tolerance" environment for people with THC in their system. 

If the bill is passed, it could help law enforcement crack down on individuals driving under the influence of drugs. However, police are already trying to keep unsafe drivers off the road and even if the bill is not passed, they will continue their efforts to prevent drivers under the influence of drugs from getting behind the wheel.

Source: CBS San Francisco, "'Drug Breathalyzer' Bill Would Help Police Bust Stoned Drivers In California," April 20, 2015

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