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California car accidents involving motorcycles often deadly

When vehicle accidents involving motorcycles lead to a motorcyclist's death, the family members of the deceased may feel a range of emotions. For instance, they may feel unsettled as a result of such shocking occurrences, and they might also feel angry — especially if the wreck stemmed from other people's negligent or reckless driving in California. The loved ones of victims of such car accidents may choose to seek reimbursement for related monetary damages in California.

This is the situation that one family is facing in California. In this scenario, a car-motorcycle accident occurred in the evening. A sedan ended up striking a motorcyclist, authorities said.

Police initially said that the crash may have been a hit-and-run accident. Authorities later, however, said that they were able to question the driver. It appeared to be a tragic accident, according to police.

If the driver whose vehicle struck the motorcyclist is discovered to have been speeding in the area or failed to yield to the motorcycle, for example, then he or she could face legal trouble in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit. The surviving family members of the motorcyclist in this situation have a right to seek financial damages connected to the collision based upon a showing of negligence. Financial restitution from a successfully litigated lawsuit can help with expenses permissible under our California state law following fatal car accidents, such as funeral costs and other end-of-life expenses. If liability is established in civil court, claims for monetary damages will be decided.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, Motorcyclist Killed in NoHo Crash, Beverly White, Dec. 27, 2013

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