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California drunk driving accidents: bicyclist injured in accident

A car accident involving a drunk driver and a bicyclist occurred recently. The accident occurred in Marin County on a recent Friday in March, California Highway Patrol said. Similarly, when California residents are injured in drunk driving accidents, they are typically entitled to file personal injury suits against the responsible party or parties.

The collision took place around 9 p.m. in Sausalito. According to witness reports, a bicyclist was struck by a minivan, which then left the scene of the accident, driving north on Highway 101. A witness called 911 and followed the vehicle. Shortly thereafter, the driver allegedly pulled over at a gas station and proceeded to switch seats with a passenger.

A police officer in Tiburon had heard about the earlier collision and was able to locate and stop the minivan. Police then determined that both the driver and the passenger were intoxicated. They also determined that the vehicle's passengers had switched seats, a CHP officer said. The driver at the time of the collision, a 50-year-old Tiburon woman, is now facing felony charges, while her passenger, a 40-year-old San Francisco woman, is now facing misdemeanor charges. The cyclist, a 54-year-old San Rafael man was treated at the scene of the accident.

When California drunk driving accidents cause serious injuries as a result of drivers' negligence, the victims are typically entitled to file personal injury claims for financial relief. When this type of claim is successfully navigated, any restitution paid can be used to help alleviate some of the financial burdens imposed on the victim of a serious car accident. Damages typically include medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost pay and other documented financial losses. Victims of car accidents typically consult personal injury attorneys to determine the validity of legal claims and for ongoing support in seeking justice in civil courts.

Source:, "Tiburon woman accused of DUI hit-and-run against cyclist in Sausalito", Gary Klien, March 13, 2016

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