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California rear-end car accidents can claim lives

Operating a vehicle is a very big responsibility. Any negligence while driving can result in a car accident that can potentially be very tragic. California car accidents can occur in a New York minute, so paying attention to anything else going on while behind the wheel is a dangerous choice to make.

A recent accident that involved multiple vehicles was more than likely the cause of someone not paying attention, and sadly a man lost his life because of it. The 62-year-old man was driving alone in his small sedan when a Dodge Charger rear-ended him. The cause of the accident has not been reported, but, because of the initial rear-end collision, another vehicle was involved when the man's car was forced into a third car.

The accident ultimately resulted in the man's death as well as two other people's injuries. The man who was killed was apparently pronounced deceased at the scene of the crash. There were no reports on the seriousness of the other injuries. It was reported that the injured parties were both taken to a local hospital for treatment.

If negligence is considered to be a factor in the initial collision, the driver of the Charger could be facing criminal charges for the resulting death. The driver could also face civil claims filed by the man's family members in order to receive some sort of compensation for their loss. In California car accidents that result in a death, the at-fault drivers might possibly have to face both the criminal justice system and the family of the person who lost his or her life due to alleged negligent vehicle operation.

Source:, Fatal multi-vehicle accident in Little Italy, Abbie Alford, Dec. 23, 2013

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