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Car accidents continue to claim lives on California highways

It is rare for people to walk away unscathed after a highway car wreck, but crashes that involve entire families are especially tragic for survivors. This is even more devastating when car accidents leave young children behind without parents, which could very well change the course of their entire lives. A recent wreck in California demonstrates how a single accident can have terrible consequences.

According to authorities, two vehicles were involved in an crash on Highway 4 in Contra Costa County. A van carrying six family members was traveling westbound on the highway when an eastbound truck crossed the center line. The van tried to swerve to miss the truck, but was unsuccessful and the two vehicles collided. The van landed upside down in a canal beside the highway.

A bystander saw the accident, and helped the passengers out of the submerged van. Three children, ages 10, nine and two and a 24-year-old cousin were all taken to a nearby medical center with minor injuries. The mother and father of the children perished from injuries sustained in the crash. In addition, the truck driver suffered major injuries and was taken to a hospital.

According to a GoFundMe page, the oldest child of the couple stated that the children’s lives “were changed forever” due to this accident and blamed it on the truck driver falling asleep at the wheel. The California Highway Patrol is still investigating the cause at this time. Alcohol has not been listed as a contributing factor for the wreck.

After catastrophic car accidents such as this, it is vital that survivors and family members seek legal representation quickly. The surviving victims of such a terrible wreck may need financial support for mounting medical bills due to injuries sustained and potential lost wages. Likewise, the family of a deceased victim may need compensation to defray funeral costs or the loss of a financially providing family member. An experienced California legal representative can explain the options available.

Source: Martinez, Ca. Patch, “Martinez parents killed in crash identified; GoFundMe account set up to help children“, Dave Colby, March 17, 2016

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