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Drunk driving accidents continue to kill innocents in California

Fatal car wrecks caused by drunk drivers are tragic in any circumstance, but those that claim the life of a child are especially difficult. When anyone in California takes the wheel after imbibing too much alcohol or other substances, they typically do not consider the devastating consequences that may occur. A recent crash in Tulare County demonstrates how horrific drunk driving accidents can be.

According to police, a family from Las Vegas left Yosemite National Park on their return trip home last Saturday night. The car held a 10-year-old, her parents and her grandmother. Their car was hit broad-side by an SUV when a 25-year-old driver in another vehicle flew through a stop sign.

A motorist witnessed the accident and ran to help the victims. He helped the mother untangle the father from the wreckage, and then pulled the child out of the car. She was rushed to a local medical center for treatment but passed away from her injuries. The grandmother died at the scene of the accident. The driver who caused the accident was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated and also with two counts of manslaughter.

Dealing with death and/or injuries incurred from drunk driving accidents can be devastating for survivors and their families. People facing these situations typically benefit by seeking legal representation as quickly as possible, as they may face mounting medical bills and have to contend with lost wages from time away from work. A lawyer familiar with the California legal system can best guide survivors through this trying time.

Source:, "Suspected DUI driver kills girl and grandmother in Tulare crash", Brian Johnson, March 29, 2016

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