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iPhone app helps prepare new motorists for dangers on the road

A new app has been placed on the market. It is supposed to help novice motorists gain driving experience in varied situations. The hope: maybe we can reduce a couple of avoidable car accidents.

Parents wish that the driving test included jaywalking pedestrians or snow blizzards, but that is just not the case. Nevertheless, how do we prepare new teen drivers for the unpredictable experiences of the road?

A new app, Time to Drive, helps new drivers create goals – specifically to gain experience in unique driving situations. The technology helps drivers track what driving experience has been accomplished (and what has not). The goal is to place new drivers in varied driving situations, when possible.

The problem is that teen car crashes are on the rise. Also, an Allstate Foundation survey of 2,093 youths and parents suggests that 64 percent of parents are looking for resources that can help manage and assist new drivers.

If you are interested in the app, you can obtain it through the Apple iStore. Hopefully, the technology will be available for Android users soon.

It is almost impossible to prepare a new drivers for the hurdles that they may (or may not) experience in their lifetimes. However, recent technology is making solid efforts to reduce the accidents that could have been easily prevented.

If you have been a victim of a serious car accident that was caused by another's poor driving habits, you may benefit from speaking with a qualified personal injury law attorney in your neighborhood.

Source: USA Today, "Honk if you love apps that protect teen drivers," Larry Copeland, April 8, 2013

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