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Man injures California teen in attack with a hammer

People pursue injury claims in civil courts for a wide variety of reasons. Whether it’s a car accident or a case of medical malpractice, many claims are pursued as the result of one or more parties’ negligence. These injuries are the result of a failure to act with caution or care.

Although negligence is the genesis of many civil claims, people may also have grounds to file an intentional tort, a lawsuit resulting from a conscious action. After all, a person’s actions — whether or no they are intended — can cause a person and their loved ones to incur financial and emotional damages.

Not long ago, a 48-year-old man attacked a 16-year-old boy in San Bernardino County. According to reports, the man struck the teenager with a hammer over the head and then tried to flee. Fortunately, police were able to track down the attacker.

Immediately following the attack, the teen was airlifted to a hospital to receive treatment. As a result of his serious injuries, the boy was listed in critical condition.

Law enforcement officials were uncertain of the cause of the attack at the time of reports. Regardless, the 48 year old was arrested and charged for attempted murder.

For the young victim, the road to recovery could be rather long. Beyond the physical injuries caused by the attack, the boy may have to deal with anxiety or other emotional concerns. As such, it may be in his best interests if his family weighs legal options extending beyond the criminal charges brought by law enforcement.

Source: The Associated Press, “Gregory Richmond Hit Teen In Head With Hammer: Cops,” Jan. 17, 2014

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