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Ghost Ship Fire Claims The Lives of 36

Our community bore witness to tragedy this past weekend, when a fire ravaged a warehouse known as the "Ghost Ship", claiming the lives of 36 victims and counting. It is already being regarded as one of the most destructive structure fires our country has seen in more than a decade.

The devastating impact of this Oakland warehouse fire goes far beyond the 25 or so artists who called the building home. This tragedy will have a lasting effect on those who have lost children and siblings, including families outside of the United States.

Questions Abound

How could something like this warehouse fire occur? There are many questions surrounding the circumstances of the fire, which occurred in a building that, according to a report in The New York Times, has been under investigation for code violations. A likely factor in the large number of deaths is the fact that the building only had two exits.

Despite only being permitted to function as a warehouse, the building was often the site of parties and served as housing for many local artists. The night of the deadly fire, the second level of the warehouse was hosting a large gathering for an electronic dance party.

What liability, if any, do local officials and law enforcement have for looking the other way while the Ghost Ship served as unpermitted housing?

We Have Recovered More Than $150 Million For Fire Victims

One thing we know for certain is that fires are all too common in California and throughout the United States. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there were more than 1.3 million fires reported annually as recent as 2011.

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