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Pursuing justice & compensation after a drunk driving accident

You likely need no reminder that Christmas and New Year’s Eve are almost here. While the holidays should be a joyful time, far too many families find themselves grieving. This is because other holiday revelers made the selfish and destructive decision to get behind the wheel after having too much to drink.

Drunk driving is a crime that kills approximately 10,000 people on U.S. roads and highways annually. And the holiday season is an especially dangerous time as rates of drunk driving tend to increase between Thanksgiving and the start of the new year. As drunk driving rates go up, so do drunk driving accident and fatality rates.

The attorneys at Winer, McKenna & Burritt have extensive experience working with victims and the families of victims injured or killed by drunk drivers. Regardless of whether you file a personal injury or a wrongful death lawsuit, we work hard to hold drunk drivers liable for the harm they have caused.

Victims and their families often incur substantial costs as a result of past and future medical bills, lost work and funeral expenses. Our attorneys can help you pursue damages related to these costs as well as damages for emotional distress and, in some cases, punitive damages.

No one wants to think about getting injured or losing a loved one at the holidays. And hopefully, you won’t have to. But if your family has suffered such a tragedy as the result of a negligent drunk driver, it is important to pursue civil justice as well as criminal justice. If you want to learn more about how our law firm may be able to help your family, please visit the driving accident injury claims page on our website.

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