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Attorney John Winer Quoted in Wall Street Journal on Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

John Winer was quoted in the Wall Street Journal:  “Harassment Complaints Mount, But Successful Suits Remain Elusive”

“The number of inquiries hitting California attorney John Winer’s office each week has risen sharply since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke.

Women who endured unwanted touching at work, gay men harassed by co-workers, and others who say they were terminated for reporting inappropriate behavior have all asked him to consider taking their cases. 

But because of hurdles in the laws meant to protect workers from harassment, many of the inbound calls won’t become lawsuits. “We’re getting a lot of cases we just can’t bring,” said John Winer. To some potential clients who say they are finally ready to have their day in court, “I have to tell them their day is passed.”

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