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Sexual Harassment at UC Davis Indicative of Entire UC System

A 31-year employee of UC Davis was subjected to a period of sexual harassment by her immediate superior in spite of her speaking up over the incident multiple times and his known past behavior. The woman accuses The UC Board of Regents of turning a blind eye to the perpetrator’s harassing behavior over a period of years. In this case, the woman alleges she was subjected to unwanted touching, unwanted hugging, having her chest area touched and having her privacy violated. The perp was accused of engaging in inappropriate conduct with at least two other female employees at UC Davis and had previously engaged in unwanted conduct of a sexual nature toward female employees at UC Berkeley.

Making matters worse, the perpetrator attempted to sue the UC system and his victim after his eventual firing! He’d tried to switch campuses without disclosing his prior harassing behavior and when he was discovered and fired, he filed a lawsuit. The suit was thrown out of court, but it is one of the most egregious cases of retaliation in this type of case.

John Winer represents several women throughout the state who claim they have been the victims of a pattern of behavior by the school which seeks to protect perpetrators while leaving the victims isolated, exposed and even retaliated against.

The following article by the UC Davis Aggie newspaper highlights the case and the plight of women throughout the UC System.

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