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WB&S’s John Winer Appears on KGO TV News – Solage Resort Lawsuit in Napa

WBS’s John Winer Filed a Sexual Assault Lawsuit in the Wake of Litigation Involving Workplace Sexual Harassment Claims

A Calistoga resort and spa, part of the prestigious Auberge Resorts Collection, is now at the center of a new civil lawsuit involving a guest who claims a massage therapist sexually assaulted her during a spa session. The incident has brought to light a series of prior sexual harassment allegations against the same massage therapist, raising concerns about the resort’s handling of its workers’ complaints that put the safety of resort guests at risk.

ABC7 profiled the story of Alisha Eastwood, a regular visitor of the Solage, Auberge Resort, who recounted the harrowing experience she faced in September when, during a massage, she alleged Eliot Ferrer touched her inappropriately. Despite previous sexual harassment claims by former employees, Ferrer continued working until Eastwood’s accusations prompted action.

Eastwood reported the incident to the spa manager and resort manager, expressing her discomfort, but she claims they failed to respond appropriately. The lack of support left her with no choice but to leave the resort early and file a police report.

Eastwood also filed a civil lawsuit against Solage, Auberge Resorts, and Ferrer on November 20. The Calistoga Police Department confirms an ongoing investigation.

Eastwood isn’t the first to report Ferrer. In April, four former employees settled a lawsuit accusing Ferrer of sexual harassment, stalking, and unwelcome advances. Despite the settlement, Solage kept Ferrer as an employee, a decision now under scrutiny. Eastwood wonders why the massage therapist wasn’t dismissed earlier, especially given the prior harassment allegations.

Eastwood’s attorney, John Winer, also represented the four former Sologe employees.

“Alisha’s case, to me, represents a company not taking responsibility for what it needed to do,” said Winer. “He just goes on his merry way,” he told ABC 7.

Following Eastwood’s allegations, Ferrer was removed from the schedule and no longer works at Solage.

“I’ve had thousands of cases, and I can’t remember a case where we had plaintiffs bring cases and the perpetrator not being fired during the case or even after it,” Winer told the Los Angeles Daily Journal. ” By the time our client was sexually abused, they knew so much about what a predator he was and let him continue working there even after we settled the case,” he added.

Eastwood told ABC7 she’s sharing her story out of concern for others. “I don’t want this to happen to anybody else,” she said.


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