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Dealing with the drawn-out aftermath of an auto accident

Although an automobile accident can happen in an instant, the aftermath of that accident can play out for years. If the crash is severe – leading to serious injury or death – victims and their families can be left with physical and emotional damage that may never go away.

That very well may be the case for comedian Tracy Morgan, who was seriously injured in a truck accident in June 2014. Readers may remember that as Morgan and friends were driving back from a comedy show, a dangerously fatigued truck driver slammed into the back of their limousine, killing one passenger and injuring others.

According to news reports, Tracy Morgan has only recently begun making television appearances and giving interviews. The crash left him with broken bones and a traumatic brain injury. Since that day, he has struggled with memory issues and has even had to relearn how to walk.

As bad as his physical injuries are, Mr. Morgan seems to struggle equally with the loss of James McNair, who was better known as Jimmy Mack. McNair was Morgan’s friend and “comrade in comedy,” and was killed while riding with Morgan that day.

Finally, the legal aftermath of an automobile accident can also drag on for months or years. The truck driver who caused the crash is facing serious criminal charges and may also be facing a number of civil lawsuits as well, but none of these matters have yet been resolved. And it was only recently that the National Transportation Safety Board completed its official investigation into the crash. Unsurprisingly, the NTSB confirmed that the crash was primarily caused by fatigued driving.

A car or truck accident can change life in an instant. Sometimes that means losing a loved one. Sometimes that means suffering serious injury or permanent disability. Often, it means months of paperwork, phone calls and long waits to resolve insurance and legal issues.

If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in a preventable auto accident, the aftermath can feel overwhelming. But if you decide that legal action is necessary, hiring an experienced and caring attorney can make the process much easier and less frustrating.

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