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Can Employers Require Employees to Get Vaccinated Before Returning to the Workplace?

By John Winer “Have you been vaccinated for Covid-19?” It’s a question employer may be tempted to ask as employees begin to return to the workplace.  But is it necessary for a safe work environment or a violation of workers’ medical privacy? It’s an issue that raises legal and ethical questions as business owners and […]

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How the Aftermath of Proposition 22 Impacts Consumers

Written by John Winer For many years, companies and legislators have debated whether gig economy workers like those who work for Uber, Lyft, Instacart, Postmates, and DoorDash should be entitled to benefits such as minimum wage and unemployment insurance. In November 2020, gig economy companies celebrated a major victory after California voted to pass a […]

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A Disturbing Rise in Discrimination and Harassment in the Asian American Community

By John Winer March 10, 2021 A series of violent attacks against Asian Americans has surged in the United States following the COVID-19 pandemic, sparking fear and outrage around the world, with civil rights groups and advocates demanding action. In 2020, a hate-incident-reporting website received thousands of self-reports of discrimination and harassment nationwide, from verbal […]

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WB&S Files Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Against Napa State Mental Hospital

Napa Valley Register profiled our client, who recently filed a lawsuit against the state for allegations of sexual abuse and forced sterilization when he was a child at the Napa State mental hospital more than half a century ago. Read the Napa Valley Register article here: LINK                 […]

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Former San Francisco Medical Center Employees File Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

Written by John Winer February 09, 2021 Our firm recently filed a racial discrimination lawsuit on behalf of two former employees of a San Francisco medical center, who allege they were subjected to harassment and discrimination due to their race and color and were retaliated against when they spoke up about the abuse. A 2020 […]

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Former healthcare employees file workplace sexual harassment lawsuit

By John Winer February 1, 2021 Workplace sexual harassment is an event that can occur slowly over time or in an instant and can take many different forms. It can come from a supervisor, a colleague, or a customer, and ranges from unwanted touching, inappropriate comments or jokes, or the promise of a promotion in […]

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John Winer featured in LA Daily Journal’s New Laws 2021 Edition

John Winer was featured in the Los Angeles Daily Journal’s New Laws 2021 edition regarding AB 2143, which aims to bring changes to AB 749, a #MeToo inspired bill that prohibited the use of no-rehire clauses in settlement agreements regarding disputes in which the worker had filed a complaint against the employer. In 2020, Gov. […]

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The Problem of Sexual Harassment in the Department of Veterans Affairs

Written by John Winer January 4, 2021 Recent revelations indicate that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has had a prevalent problem of sexual harassment over the past few years. According to a study conducted by the Merit Systems Protection Board, nearly one in four Veterans Affairs employees experienced sexual harassment between 2014 and 2016. […]

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John Winer spoke to LA Progressive on the looming deadline to train workers about sexual harassment

Click image below to read article or scroll below: Deadline Looming to Train Workers About Sexual Harassment Acritical deadline is sneaking up on California employers that requires workers to take sexual harassment prevention training before the end of the year. While business owners have a lot on their minds with the holidays approaching and the […]

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The Rise of Virtual Sexual Harassment

Written by John Winer November 10, 2020 As the pandemic continues to spread across our country, many Americans have adapted to a remote work arraignment that involves interacting with co-workers and clients through online platforms. But working from home doesn’t mean an end to workplace sexual harassment. According to a Bloomberg report, since the beginning […]

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