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US Women’s Soccer: Is the Fight for Equal Pay Over?

Written by John Winer: Despite their tremendous achievements including four World Cup wins and four gold medals, the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) continues their fight for gender pay equity. According to, the nation’s finest female soccer athletes lag behind their male counterparts in terms of earnings, and last year, the team decided […]

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How COVID-19 Closures Impact Clergy Abuse Lawsuits

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, courts across the country are taking precautions for public health and safety by closing courthouses and restricting courthouse services. In mid-March, the Mercury News reported that California’s chief justice had suspended all superior court jury trials for 60 days due to the outbreak, with local courts being allowed to […]

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As More #MeToo Cases Come to Court, What Evidence Is “Relevant” to Prove the Plaintiffs’ Claims?

WBS’s John Winer talked to CEB about how the rules of evidence in California and most states, are set up in a way that gives alleged perpetrators an enormous advantage over accusers in terms of attacking credibility.  Read More    

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#MeToo in the Age of Coronavirus

Written by John Winer The COVID-19 global crisis has completely changed the way we live our daily lives. As the number of confirmed cases continues to rise and businesses, schools, and public gathering spaces across the country remain closed, Americans continue to live life in quarantine indefinitely. Daily life as we know it has changed […]

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The Challenges of a Remote Workplace

As the number of COVID-19 infections hits the million mark worldwide, people are being told to stay home, and companies and employers around the world are facing unique challenges and issues. CNN reports that more than 700,000 jobs were lost in the last month alone. Those lucky enough to still have employment have been asked […]

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WBS Legal Team Files LGBT Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against San Francisco Maintenance Company

SAN FRANCISCO, CA. (March 2020) – A man who alleges he suffered workplace sexual harassment by coworkers due to his sexual orientation and managers ignored his complaints filed a civil lawsuit in San Francisco County Superior Court. “The harassment and retaliation that our client faced at his place of employment is unconscionable,” says attorney John […]

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Coronavirus Triggers Workplace Discrimination

By John D. Winer The coronavirus, COVID-19 has changed the dynamics of our workplaces and has increased the potential for discrimination based on xenophobic fears and social stigma towards certain people. As the deadly virus spreads across the globe, coronavirus is causing widespread panic in every facet of life, including our jobs. People of Asian […]

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Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Filed Against State Appeals Court Justice

WBS’s Kelli Burritt talked to about a new workplace sexual harassment lawsuit filed against LA-based State Appeals Court Justice Jeffrey Johnson who is accused of engaging in a widespread pattern of misconduct that demeaned, harassed and sexualized at least 17 women. Read More.

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Sexual Predators Hiding Behind Dating Apps

By John Winer Millions of Americans are using dating services to meet new people, but using them may come with a risk. A new investigation by ProPublica, Columbia Journalism, and Buzzfeed found that popular dating apps owned by Match Group including Tinder, OkCupid, and Plenty of Fish, some of the most popular dating apps in […]

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Weinstein Verdict a Watershed Moment for #MeToo

By John Winer One of Hollywood’s darkest chapters is ending after a New York jury convicted movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault and rape but acquitted him of predatory sexual assault. It’s a vindication for the #MeToo movement which gave a voice to sexual assault and abuse survivors who feared no one would listen […]

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