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Long Term Effects of Child Molestation

Any type of child abuse is horrific, but child molestation is one of the most damaging types of abuse a child can suffer. Child molestation almost always affects a victim for the rest of his or her life in various ways, and it’s important for victims and their loved ones to understand the long-term effects […]

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John Winer spoke to about his career fighting for victims of sexual abuse

If you or a loved one need help or legal assistance because someone you love has been involved in sexual abuse, reach out to our Woodland Hills molestation attorney today.

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How Title IX Rules Will Affect Campus Sexual Harassment Policies

By John Winer As the new school year begins for millions of students across the country, there are new rules in place that impact how educators handle claims of sexual assault and harassment. The U.S. Department of Education recently set out new rules on how K-12 schools, colleges, and universities must respond to reports of […]

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WBS Talked Sacramento Bee About Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Case involving female prison employee

WB&S’s John Winer talked to the Sacramento Bee about our firm’s workplace sexual harassment lawsuit involving a female prison employee who is suing the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for workplace sexual harassment, retaliation and gender discrimination. Read the full article here:

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John D. Winer Profiled in LA Progressive Publication

Click image below to read article or scroll below:   #MeToo Ushered in Radical Change for Survivors of Sexual Abuse Decades before #MeToo became a global movement, attorney John D. Winer fought on the frontlines in a battle to convince California jurors that sexual abuse allegations had merit. Winer recalls facing a much more skeptical […]

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Sex Abuse Victims Outraged Over Catholic Church Receiving Pandemic PPP Loans

Written by John Winer As the COVID-19 health crisis began to escalate, thousands of small businesses across the country faced many financial challenges. Recent data indicates that while there were more than 140,000 small business closures, some businesses were lucky enough to receive much needed financial help by securing a loan from the federal Paycheck […]

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WB&S Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against The Head of LA Based Employment Firm

The head of the labor and employment practice at Los Angeles-based law firm Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs APLC is facing allegations he engaged in an extended campaign of “creepy” behavior toward an associate that peaked with a “nightmarish” incident during a work trip overseas. Read the Full Article here: California Law Firm Ivie […]

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WB&S’s John Winer talked with the Mercury News about our lawsuit filed on behalf of two students against Santa Clara University

WB&S’s John Winer talked with the Mercury News about our lawsuit filed on behalf of two students against Santa Clara University that claims the school failed to properly investigate sexual harassment allegations and is attempting to cover up a disturbing trend of sexual assault on campus. Read article here  

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WB&S Attorney Erika J. Scott Named Managing Partner

OAKLAND, Calif., (June 2, 2020) – Our firm is pleased to announce that senior associate Erika J. Scott has been named a managing partner of the firm, which has changed its name to Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP. WBS also announced the departure of name partner Shawn D. Tillis who is branching out on his own. […]

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John Winer talked to the Mercury News about our lawsuit against the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland

Our firm sued the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland on behalf of a young man sexually abused by a convicted, pedophile priest. WBT’s John Winer talked to the Mercury News about the lawsuit and why it’s important to shine a light on the Catholic Church’s ongoing failure to resolve the clergy abuse crisis.   Catholic […]

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