$460,000 – Daughters Sue Doctor Father for Incest

The plaintiffs in this case were the two daughters of a medical doctor. The plaintiffs, who were both in their 30’s at the time of the lawsuit, alleged that their father had sexually abused them, frequently using his medical instruments, when they were adolescent girls.

The father denied any abuse whatsoever and alleged that the plaintiffs’ memories were unsubstantiated “recovered memories” with no validity. Further, there were no witnesses to any of the acts of molestation beside the plaintiffs.

The law offices of Winer, Burritt and Scott, LLP, was able to establish evidence that the plaintiffs’ memories were reliable because they recovered their memories individually, yet their recollections matched; that the severe psychological condition of one of the plaintiffs was consistent with extreme childhood abuse; that the father had a severe drinking problem in which he would have blackouts; thus, he may not have remembered his outrageous behavior.

The case settled for a combination of cash and property.

RESULT: A total value of settlement of $460,000