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The loss of an arm, leg, hand or foot is devastating and exhausting, both physically and mentally. In addition to coping with the loss of an extremity, an amputation leads to a seemingly endless stream of questions. Our Oakland personal injury attorneys at Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP are here to assist you with any major questions you have about who is liable for your injury. In many cases you may be entitled to compensation, especially if the injury happened while working or was caused by a negligent 3rd party.

Oakland Lawyers for Amputation Injury Cases

Although many situations can lead to the loss of a limb, certain types of accidents are more likely than others to result in amputation. These include:

Any other accident caused by construction equipment or motor vehicles has a high chance of resulting in an amputation. Regardless of the exact cause of the injury, our team of dedicated litigators performs detailed investigations and insightful courtroom techniques to help clients obtain the compensation they need to facilitate their best possible recovery.

Who can sue for an amputation injury?

Anybody, child or adult, whose amputation was caused by somebody else’s fault.

Who can be held responsible for an amputation injury?

Any person whose negligent or intentional misconduct caused the injury can be held responsible to the injured plaintiff. This would include a large list of potential defendants from vehicle drivers, product manufacturers, construction site operators, owners of dangerous private or public property and others. The key is to establish that there is fault on at least one of these parties or any other potential defendant who caused your amputation.

What if I was also at fault for the accident which caused my amputation?

California is a comparative fault state. A person can sue for serious personal injury even if they are partially at fault. As long as they can prove that one or more other parties are also at fault. However, the amount of a plaintiff’s recovery will be reduced by the amount of their fault. Therefore, if someone is awarded $5 million in a serious personal injury case, but are found to be fifty percent (50%) at fault, the recovery will be limited to $2.5 million.

We are one of the top injury law firms in California, as shown by the more than $200 million in verdicts and settlements we have recovered for clients in a wide range of personal injury and employment law cases. We use the same legal excellence that led to those results to give our clients the edge they need to recover maximum compensation and hold those responsible for their injuries accountable.

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Significant Amputation Injury Cases

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Our Amputation Injury FAQ contains additional information that you may wish to view before your free initial consultation.

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