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Los Angeles Workplace Discrimination Attorney

Dedicated Employment Discrimination Attorneys Serving Los Angeles

Are you facing unfair treatment or bias in your workplace? Employees are endowed with rights under both state and federal laws. Unfortunately, these rights are often violated by employers, leading to significant financial and emotional distress for employees. If you’ve experienced a violation of your rights, trying to deal with it on your own can be a huge headache. Our experienced lawyers are here to support you through cases of employment discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and retaliation. To get started with a free case review by our team, please contact our Los Angeles employment discrimination attorney so we can begin fighting for you.

Understanding Workplace Discrimination

Odd one out in the workplaceFederal and state laws play a significant role in protecting employees from unfair treatment based on various factors. One common form of discrimination is based on race, where it’s unlawful to make employment decisions—such as hiring, promotions, salary adjustments, or termination—based on an individual’s racial background. This includes not only direct racial comments but also any employment actions that unfairly target individuals of a certain race.

Another protected area involves individuals with disabilities. The law mandates that employers cannot discriminate against employees or candidates who are, or are perceived to be, disabled. It requires that reasonable accommodations be made so these individuals can effectively perform their job duties. Similarly, age discrimination is prohibited, offering specific protections to employees over the age of 40 to shield them from being unfairly replaced by younger, potentially less expensive, workers.

Areas of Protection Against Employment Discrimination in Los Angeles

Religious beliefs are also protected under discrimination laws. Employers must accommodate employees’ religious practices, which could involve adjustments to dress codes or providing flexible schedules for religious observances. In the realm of gender, discrimination is expressly forbidden, covering a range of issues from unequal pay to adverse treatment related to pregnancy, as well as unfair hiring or promotion practices. This protection is inclusive, extending to both men and women.

Additionally, discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity is clearly prohibited by California law, underscoring the state’s commitment to inclusivity and ensuring equal treatment for all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Together, these protections form a critical framework to combat employment discrimination and promote a culture of fairness and equality.

Distinguishing Unfair Treatment from Workplace Discrimination

The key difference is that workplace discrimination is illegal, while unfair treatment, as frustrating as it may be, is not. Protected characteristics should not influence employment decisions, such as hiring, firing, or promotions. Although office politics and favoritism may seem unfair, they don’t constitute illegal actions.

How Our Los Angeles Workplace Discrimination Lawyers Advocate for You

employment discriminationOur legal professionals are prepared to support you, whether you’re currently employed, have been terminated, or are job-hunting if you believe you’ve been discriminated against.

We have a solid track record in handling cases of:

  • Disparate Treatment: Discriminating against an employee more harshly than others based on prohibited factors.
  • Retaliation: Employees facing unfair treatment for challenging discriminatory practices.
  • Disparate Impact: Policies that negatively affect a protected class disproportionately.
  • Systematic Disparate Treatment: Evidence of widespread discrimination against protected class members compared to a similarly qualified majority.

Challenging a pretext for discrimination requires skillful evidence collection, a strength of our attorneys. If you believe you’ve been wronged under false pretenses, consulting with a lawyer is crucial to examine the details of your case.

Filing a strong workplace discrimination claim requires thorough preparation and understanding of the legal process. Here are some tips to help ensure that your claim is as robust as possible:

  • Document Everything: Keep detailed records of all incidents, including dates, places, and witnesses. Save all related emails and messages.
  • Report Discrimination: Follow your employer’s reporting procedures and document your report.
  • Keep Performance Records: Collect positive performance evaluations and awards to refute any claims of poor job performance.
  • Know the Law: Understand relevant discrimination laws to articulate your experience better.
  • Consult with an Attorney: Seek advice from an employment law attorney for guidance and representation.
  • File a Complaint: File a complaint with a relevant agency like the EEOC, adhering to filing deadlines.
  • Stay Organized: Keep a comprehensive file of all documents, correspondences, and legal filings.
  • Seek Support: Join support groups or seek counseling to cope with the emotional stress.
  • Be Mindful of Deadlines: Pay attention to legal deadlines to ensure your claim is filed on time.
  • Prepare for Retaliation: Document any adverse changes in your job after filing your complaint, as this may be illegal retaliation.

Contact a Los Angeles Employment Discrimination Lawyer Today

Employees are entitled to significant protections under state and federal laws, yet these are often overlooked by employers. Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP brings over 60 years of collective experience, having secured over $200 million for our clients. Our expertise and successful history give our clients the assurance needed to trust us to achieve the best possible outcome for their employment disputes. We are devoted to defending employees’ rights and holding employers accountable for their legal responsibilities.

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