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San Francisco Molestation Lawyers

We are currently witnessing a moment where the long-standing issue of sexual abuse against both children and adults is being openly acknowledged and addressed. This progress can be attributed largely to the bravery of survivors who have come forward in California and across the nation sharing their experiences in order to bring an end to this abuse. At Winer, Burritt & Scott our team of lawyers specializing in cases of molestation in San Francisco is fully committed to sending a strong and clear message to those who have perpetrated these heinous acts; we’ve had enough!

Across the country survivors, along with their advocates are tirelessly working to ensure that those responsible for sexual abuse are held accountable for the harm they have caused. By demanding restitution from these offenders for their victims we not support survivors on their journey, toward healing but also contribute to preventing others from becoming victims.

Our law firm, Winer, Burritt & Scott has a commitment to taking decisive action against abusers. In San Francisco our experienced team of attorneys has a proven track record of challenging powerful organizations and institutions through the legal system. We firmly believe in holding both the individuals who commit acts and the institutions that fail to address their employees abusive actions accountable. Our dedication to justice means that even those who were aware of misconduct but did nothing will face consequences. We are fully devoted to pursuing action against abusers and working tirelessly to achieve positive outcomes for our clients.

Understanding the Legal Definition of Molestation in California

In California according to Penal Code 288 molestation is defined as any form of touching without necessarily involving sexual organs or direct skin contact. This broad definition encompasses a range of inappropriate behaviors towards children, including but not limited to touching, kissing and making sexual remarks.

The California Penal Code 243.4 specifically addresses battery as any non-consensual sexual contact. Convictions for offenses can result in various criminal charges and penalties ranging from misdemeanors, to felonies.

San Francisco Molestation Attorneys; Providing Assistance for Victims of Sexual Assault

Sexual abuse and molestation although sharing the unwanted sexual contact aspect have distinct definitions. When it comes to victims of assault which includes various acts like attempted rape forced sodomy, non-consensual intercourse, incest, fondling and child molestation they often face confusion and uncertainty regarding their legal options. In San Francisco, our team of lawyers specializing in molestation cases is here to help clarify these complexities and address any concerns or questions victims may have.

Reporting experiences of assault can be challenging for many survivors due to doubts about being believed or taken seriously. They may also feel uncomfortable discussing the issue or fear retribution from the perpetrator. Additionally, feelings of embarrassment or denial might arise.

It’s crucial for survivors to understand that seeking justice is their right and that those responsible for these acts can be held legally accountable. We strongly encourage you to contact Winer, Burriett & Scott LLP for legal assistance, in navigating your case effectively.

Liability Extending beyond the Perpetrator in Civil Lawsuits

In cases involving molestation it’s not just the abuser who can be held accountable. Lawsuits may also focus attention on the parties or institutions that failed to fulfill their duty of protecting the victim. Incidents of molestation often take place within organizations such as youth and sports groups, religious bodies, daycare centers and schools where safeguards should have been in place.

The victim has a high chance of pursuing claims against any party, institution or organization responsible for employing the abuser or neglecting to prevent ongoing abuse.

At WB&S our skilled and experienced molestation lawyers have a track record of challenging various entities, including religious organizations, school districts, youth groups, medical professionals and athletic leagues. Our San Francisco sexual harassment attorney specialize in prosecuting these cases by taking on these organizations and their insurance companies.

However, it is important to note that our firm does not pursue claims against family members or individuals.

The Significance of Reporting Molestation

For victims of molestation seeking remedies reporting the abuse is crucial. While engaging with the criminal justice system can be difficult for survivors reporting the abuse to authorities is an initial step towards ensuring accountability, for perpetrators and preventing them from causing harm to others.

Looking for assistance from an attorney to handle cases of child molestation in San Francisco

Being a victim of child molestation can have deep and long-lasting effects on someone’s life. Fortunately, the legal system offers ways to hold perpetrators accountable. At Winer, Burritt & Scott LLP, our experienced attorneys in San Francisco are dedicated to supporting victims in their quest for justice against their abusers. Our team is committed to helping victims seek compensation, for the harm they have endured. To explore your options and receive guidance please get in touch with us. Fill out our free consultation form below.

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