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The attorneys at Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP — a premier electrocution injury firm serving clients throughout California — have decades of litigation experience and remain on the cutting edge of the law that governs electrical injury cases.

We know how to turn a power company’s violation of local, state and federal regulations into powerful arguments for our clients in their personal injury cases. We keep cases moving at an efficient pace and prevent clients from missing important deadlines such as the need to file an action against a public entity within six months of an injury. With more than $200 million recovered for our clients, our dedication to legal excellence sets us apart as trusted, result-oriented trial attorneys.

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Case Spotlight

A 50-year-old journeyman electrician was placed in the services of a large corporate land owner. During his employment, the corporation made him change a circuit breaker while the electric current was still active. An electric arc caused a large explosion, throwing the electrician backward and setting him on fire. He suffered burns over much of his body, had significant impairment in movement and was severely scarred.

Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP, began an investigation that showed the foreman employed by the company was negligent by ordering the electrician to replace the breaker while the current was still running.

Result: $4 million on behalf of the electrician.

Electrocution Cases | Examples Of Negligent Conduct

Due to the heightened risk of severe injury and death that escaping electricity poses, utility companies and others who repair electrical wires must exercise a level of care that is proportionate to the increased danger. As such, a court will hold electrical companies to a higher standard of care because of the known danger of electricity.

We know how to effectively show evidence of negligence under this increased standard, including in situations involving:

  • Electrical lines that were either installed or maintained without proper insulation
  • Electrical lines without enough clearance from the ground, buildings or combustibles
  • Electrical lines that were improperly guarded
  • Improper direction given to those who work on electrical lines and other electrical components
  • Exposed electrical hazards
  • Failure of the power company to perform thorough inspections of its lines
  • Failure of the power company to keep lines safe from natural deterioration
  • Failure of the power company to protect lines from foreseeable uses of the underlying or adjacent property and changed conditions that made the power lines hazardous

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) notes that electrocution is especially prevalent in the construction industry. It is one of the leading causes of fatal construction accidents.

Electrical Burn Injury Lawyers With A History Of Proven Results

Our extensive work with electrical burn victims has made us well-versed in this area of the law. In addition to the previously highlighted case, we have obtained many six-figure outcomes for clients, including a $950,000 settlement for a woman electrocuted by a downed electrical wire and $450,000 for a security guard who suffered an injury from electrical burns he sustained at a construction site.

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