$500,000 – African-American Employees Win Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

Plaintiffs were four African American women who were employed by a health service provider. They alleged that they were not treated as well as Caucasian employees and that the president of the company made numerous derogatory racial remarks.

The company defended itself by claiming that the African American employees were paid commensurate with their positions within the company. Further, the president of the company denied that any of his statements had any derogatory intent.

Through intensive discovery, Winer, Burritt and Scott, LLP, developed testimony from the company’s own witnesses that tended to indicate that the African American employees were, in fact, compensated unequally and that there was no legitimate business purpose to support the company’s actions.

Further, the law firm was able to contact independent witnesses who verified the derogatory nature of the president’s comments.

Settlement for plaintiffs, $500,000