$675,000 – Wrongful Death Case Against Airplane Part Manufacturer

Plaintiffs were the wife and children of a 35-year-old male killed in a small airplane accident.

The pilot of the airplane had only a $100,000 insurance policy, thus, the law firm had to look for theories of liability other than pilot error to obtain compensation for the family. Through a thorough investigation and by retaining highly qualified experts, Winer, Burritt and Scott, LLP, was able to come up with a theory of liability against the manufacturer of a part of the airplane that Plaintiffs’ experts claimed failed in the accident.

The part manufacturer claimed that its product performed as designed and did not fail and the accident was solely the fault of the pilot, who flew the plane into the side of a mountain at night.

Through their expert witnesses, Plaintiffs were able to create enough risk on behalf of defendants for the case to settle.

RESULT: $675,000 settlement on behalf of Plaintiffs