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Testimonial from a medical-legal expert who specializes in neurophysiologist and rehabilitation psychology.

As a neuropsychologist and rehabilitation psychologist, I have been a medical-legal expert for the past 20 years. My specialty is the assessment and treatment of individuals who have sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI). I have been retained over the years by both attorneys for plaintiffs and defendants.

Over the last nine years I’ve had the opportunity to evaluate a number of clients referred by Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP.

My experience with the law firm has always been positive. John Winer is intelligent and highly differentiated in his understanding of traumatic brain injury patients. He is always organized and diligent in the presentation of his cases.

On one occasion I testified at trial for John Winer. His preparation and direct examination was thorough and creative. He clearly had a vision of what he wanted and needed to get across to a jury. The case resulted in a high seven figure verdict on behalf of his client.

I have also had the privilege of participating as a co-lecturer on a number of panels with John Winer in which attorneys were taught the basics of understanding and litigating traumatic brain injuries. Although my role during these seminars was to help the attorneys understand the neuropsychological aspects of traumatic brain injuries, John Winer would lecture on legal strategies. As an expert who is hired to provide an honest opinion for a jury, I do not have to concern myself with strategy considerations in a case. However, after watching John Winer in litigation and speaking at seminars, I am quite confident that it would be hard to find an attorney more knowledgeable on the subject matter of traumatic brain injury and more able to present a forceful case on behalf of his clients than John Winer.

Ronald Ruff, Ph.D.,

Associate Clinical Professor

Stanford University

Adjunct Associate Professor,

University of California San Francisco,

President National Academy of Neuropsychology.

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