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Testimonial from a very impressed and thankful client

I want to thank everyone that helped settle my case. I appreciate everyone’s thoroughness in providing the best advice in such a timely manner. More than that, I sincerely appreciate the emotional support and honesty.

John, I couldn’t find your email address but I just needed to thank you for taking on my case. I truly believe I received the best representation available.

Kelli, thank you for your overwhelming support and knowledge. Your delivery is unparalleled. I am so impressed, pleased and indebted to you for your help.

Kent, I appreciate all the advice you’ve given me and all the time you took to explain legal terms, chat about depos/emails, your vigorous defense (probably not the proper term) during my depo but most importantly thank you for creating such a professional yet joyful environment.

And lastly, Tia and Wendy, thank you ladies for dealing with my constant phone calls/emails and handling all issues promptly.

This has been an incredibly difficult time in my life and this firms sensitivity will always be remembered.


Los Angeles

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