Month: January 2018

Sexual Harassment Inside Law Firms

If there’s one message we’ve learned as a result of the #metoo movement is that sexual harassment thrives in every industry, including within law firms. Women throughout the legal industry–attorneys, staff and vendors–have had to put up with an “old boys club” that perpetuates sexist stereotypes, unwanted sexual advances, and worse. Read full blog here. 

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Debate over the Sexual Misconduct “Spectrum”

Many people are quick to point out and say that some behaviors shouldn’t be considered sexual harassment. This is because many don’t know about the spectrum of sexual harassment. It’s time for some clarity on what is on the spectrum and how people are affected. Read full blog here.        

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The Unintended Consequences of the #Metoo Movement

For the last several months, women throughout the United States have been empowered in a truly remarkable and historic way. Since Hollywood powerhouse Harvey Weinstein had his past history of sexual misconduct fully exposed in the media, countless women have come forward to make known exactly the way they were sexually harassed or assaulted. Read… read more

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