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TBI victims may suffer from physical, communication and cognitive issues

After suffering from a brain injury, victims often endure cognitive, physical and communication problems that last for weeks or even years.

A traumatic brain injury is caused by a bump or blow to the head that disrupts the normal functioning patterns of the brain. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 138 people die in the U.S. every day from injuries that include a TBI and those who do survive in California endure
side effects that can last for the duration of their lives. The consequences of a brain injury may affect a person’s physical, cognitive and physical capabilities.

Communication problems

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, communication issues are extremely common among those who suffer from one of these
life-altering injuries and can harm their ability to live on their own. After suffering from a brain injury, a person may have trouble:

  • Understanding both written and oral messages
  • Expressing themselves through writing and speaking
  • Writing, speaking and spelling

Additionally, brain injury suffers may have a hard time with social communication. For instance, a person recovering from a TBI may find it difficult to use an appropriate tone of voice, maintain a topic of conversation or keep up with others involved in a discussion.

Cognitive problems

Just like communication problems, cognitive issues are also very common amongst brain injury sufferers, states the ASLHA. After incurring a TBI, a person may have difficulties concentrating when distractions are present, such as the conversations of other people or music in the background of a room, and take longer than normal to process new information. A brain injury victim may also have a hard time starting new tasks and completing them and remembering information on a short-term basis.

Physical problems

In addition to communication and cognitive problems, brain injury victims can also suffer from physical consequences. For instance, the ASLHA states that a TBI sufferer may experience hearing loss, nausea and vomiting, decreased smell or taste, blurred vision and reduced coordination and strength in their arms and legs.

Those dealing with the effects of a brain injury should remember that no two brain injuries are the same and that these consequences vary greatly by person. However, according to the Brain Injury Association of America, the effects of these injuries often depend on factors like the cause of the injury, its severity and where the impact occurred on the head.

After a brain injury, victims may face weeks, months or even years of rehabilitation and extensive medical care, resulting in expensive medical bills. If you are dealing with the effects of a TBI, consult with an attorney in your area who can ensure your rights to fair and proper compensation are protected.

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