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$240,000 – Woman Harassed at Small Electronic Sales Company in Bay Area

Plaintiff was a 20-year-old woman working for a small electronic sales company in the Bay Area who alleged she was sexually harassed by the president of the company. He started out complimenting Plaintiff, then telling her about his sex life. He then escalated his conduct by propositioning the Plaintiff for sex, despite her repeated refusals, and even offered to pay her for sex. Plaintiff complained to others in the office, including the vice president of the company, but they could do nothing to control the president of the company. Plaintiff was then terminated by her harasser for refusing his advances. During the litigation, those to whom Plaintiff complained denied she made the complaints, and the president of the company denied the harassment. However, Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP were able to support Plaintiff’s credibility through circumstantial evidence, and the case settled at mediation.

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