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$265,000 – Woman Wins Settlement in Case Where Therapist Denies Sexual Misconduct

Plaintiff in this case was a woman in her 30’s who sought treatment for psychological problems with a psychologist in Orange County. Plaintiff alleged that the psychologist breached the proper boundaries of therapy by sexualizing the treatment and failing to treat the plaintiff for her presenting problems.

The defendant denied the sexual relationship and defended the case by attempting to attack the plaintiff’s credibility. Further, the defense claimed that a $25,000 sex cap was in place; therefore, that was all the insurance company would offer.

After defendant refused to offer any money to another law firm, the law offices of Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP, was retained and the law firm found evidence which indicated that there were boundary violations and negligent acts on the part of the defendant which injured the plaintiff. Due to the damage from the negligent acts, it was unreasonable for the insurance company to rely on the $25,000 sex cap. After a two-day mediation session, the case settled.

RESULT: Settlement on behalf of the plaintiff of $265,000

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