$480,000 – Medical Malpractice Case Involving Misdiagnosis and Substandard Treatment.

Plaintiffs were three women in Southern California who went to see defendant therapist for depression. Plaintiffs allege that the defendant created recovered memories of abuse in two of the patients, misdiagnosed one of the patients with multiple personality disorder and utilized various unrecognized techniques such as past life regression, recovered memory and entity release therapy, which were more damaging than helpful.

Defendant claimed that she acted in the best interests of the plaintiffs at all times, and although her therapy techniques were unusual, they were supported by enough literature to fall within the broad standard of care provided to psychotherapists.

The law offices of Winer, Burritt and Scott, LLP, retained experts to indicate that the defendants’ therapy techniques were in fact below the standard of care and the amount of money that defendant billed for her treatments and her insistence that the plaintiffs receive long-term intensive therapy, was exploitive.

RESULT: $480,000 settlement on behalf of plaintiffs