Plaintiff was a former dentist who could no longer perform his substantial and material duties due to partial blindness and loss of sensation in his hands and fingers. Plaintiff had two disability insurance policies with defendant insurer: one that guaranteed a lifetime of disability benefits should he ever become disabled from performing the substantial and material duties of a dentist; and one that would cover his business overhead expenses should he become disabled from performing these duties.Defendant in bad faith terminated Plaintiff’s benefits, stating that in fact he was not disabled from his occupation. While working for another law firm, Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP, associate Jennifer Prusak was involved in the extensive written discovery phase of this case and took a number of key depositions. Due in part to Ms. Prusak’s involvement Plaintiff’s counsel successfully convinced the court that because Plaintiff was indisputably disabled from his pre-disability occupation that in and of itself was sufficient for Plaintiff to recover his terminated benefits.

$5,000,000 settlement on behalf of Plaintiff