$500,000 – Thirty-Eight Year Old Woman Sexually Harassed by Vice-President of a Large Construction Company

Plaintiff, 38-year-old woman, was sexually harassed on five occasions by a Vice President of her Company. The sexual harassment included comments about her breasts; indication that the Vice President wanted to have sex with her and the grabbing of her buttocks.

During the litigation, the defense claimed that the alleged sexual harassment did not occur and that even if it did occur, it was not severe or pervasive enough to constitute sexual harassment under California law.

Winer, Burritt and Scott, LLP, through a thorough investigation and taking depositions all around the West Coast, was able to establish that the perpetrator had a reputation for sexually harassing subordinate employees and had been the subject of numerous sexual harassment complaints. This added to credibility to Plaintiff’s allegations and led to the settlement.

RESULT: $500,000 settlement in favor of Plaintiff ($496,225, plus the defense agreed to pay Plaintiff’s share of the mediation expenses, which were $3,775)