$550,000 – Bad Faith Termination of Disability Insurance Benefits to Former Teacher with Seizure Disorder

Plaintiff was an elementary school teacher in Sacramento for 15 years who at age 40 developed a seizure disorder. She required several brain surgeries that removed entire sections of her brain. Her disorder, coupled with the side effects that resulted from the removal of portions of her brain, rendered Plaintiff unable to continue in her teaching position.

Plaintiff applied for disability benefits with her insurance carrier and was denied in bad faith. The insurance carrier’s position was that Plaintiff could still teach elementary school in spite of her obvious and many handicaps. Plaintiff came to Winer, Burritt and Scott, LLP, associate Jennifer Prusak’s prior law firm, and they agreed to negotiate a settlement on her behalf. Ms. Prusak and other attorneys at her prior law firm worked directly with the insurance company’s attorneys to settle the case in favor of Plaintiff.

RESULT: $550,000 settlement on behalf of Plaintiff