$650,000 – 2 Year Old Boy Becomes Infected with Severe E-coli Complications As a Result of Bathing with Another Infected Child

Plaintiff’s mother attended a business meeting at another family’s home. Children were invited. Without informing Plaintiff’s mother that her child was infected with E-coli, defendant homeowner placed Plaintiff in a bathtub with her own 2-year-old child. One week after the bath, Plaintiff came down with severe diarrhea and was hospitalized for several months with a severe form of E-coli.

In litigation, defendant mother denied knowing that her child was infectious at the time of the bath. Further, the defense claimed that Plaintiff became infected with E-coli from some other source and not defendant’s child.

Winer, Burritt and Scott, LLP, performed extensive discovery and obtained records indicating that, despite her denial, defendant’s mother was warned to keep her child away from other children during the time period in which she placed Plaintiff in the bathtub with her child.

RESULT: $650,000 settlement on behalf of Plaintiff