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Confidential Settlement – Infant Suffers Serious Burns on Body and Legs on Airline

Plaintiff in this case was an infant who suffered severe body and leg burns when the hot water for tea his mother was going to make tea from slid off the food tray and onto the infant’s body during turbulence.

The airline blamed the injury on the mother for failing to properly control the hot water and holding the infant on her lap while the hot water was present.

The law offices of Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP, was able to establish evidence which tended to prove that, one, there had been many prior accidents in which infants had suffered burns as a result of hot fluids spilled during turbulence on airlines; two, there was no valid reason for airlines to serve hot drinks without tops with a small opening for passengers to drink from other than convenience of flight attendants; and, three, that it was foreseeable that an infant would be on a mother’s lap since the airlines allow infants to fly for free if they do not occupy another seat — which is what happened in this case.

RESULT: Confidential settlement on behalf of plaintiff

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